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Dr. Phil: 0n Biggest resume mistakes
1) Writing the wrong content2) Distracting formats3) Using a 'one size fits all' approach4) Having a resume that is too long5) Not showing performance6) Errors in objectives, dates, titles &...
The resume writing team at BJ Magnum & Associates is comprised of professional writers who have spent years in staffing, human resources, and the job placement industry. Because the global economic downturn has resulted in unprecedented rates of unemployment, it is imperative for your resume to be impeccably crafted and to demonstrate your experience in a compelling manner.
Our extensively HCRI certified Human Rresources expertise and professional resume writing experience will give you the insider’s edge you need to land your next position.
Resume Editing
If your resume is missing something or has the wrong format it could cost you the very job that you want or need. We can edit your resume and provide you with a professional resume that really gets results.
If you have recently graduated or have less than 3 years of professional work experience, we will help you highlight your volunteer and academic experience. 
If you have more than 3 years experience in the workforce, work with a professional editor and staffing professional who has knowledge of your industry.
If you are a Vice President or C-Level Executive, work with one of our senior HR or staffing executives directly to revise and restructure your resume.
Here for the Life of your Career!